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Countdown to Launch

The Motus is coming. It's been a long adventure from concept to prototype to testing/development to production machines - but we are almost there. As we work to finish testing of the newest American motorcycles — the MST and MST-R — we've pulled down our old site and created this blog to let you see behind the scenes in the final stages of development. We'll talk about the people behind Motus, our design philosophy, upcoming events, technical specs and maybe even some of our favorite rides. In the coming weeks, we'll launch our new website and begin rolling motorcycles out to our dealers across the country. We invite you to come back often and join the conversation.


Motus manufactures high-performance, American V4 sport-touring motorcycles that combine heart-racing performance with uncompromising comfort. Powered by the mighty MV4 and MV4-R Baby Block engines, the MST's are a reinvention of the traditional sport-tourer. Comfortable American sportbikes with accommodations for touring. Motus represents uncompromising attention to detail and a commitment to building machines that offer motorcyclists the best possible riding experience.



April 8th, 2014 @ 9:04PM

MV4 and MV4R Dyno Chart

MV4andMV4R Dyno Charts

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Neale Bayly Rides a 2014 MST.

Picture2 motorcycle


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Enovation Controls’ Show Bike

Check out Enovation Controls‘ customized MST, revealed for the first time at the 2014 CONEXPO- CON/AGG show in Las Vegas. This show is HUGE  and the promotional graphics were a great way to attract attention and show off some new technologies offered by Enovation Controls. Great company, great folks.





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Yeah, but how does she sound?


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2014 Motus MST’s, Speed Silver and Appalachia Blue

motus laguna-010_lores

motus laguna_lo res

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Sneak Peek of JT Nesbitt’s Bienville Legacy.

Check out Alan Cathcart’s first impressions of the supercharged, V4 Baby Block-powered, Bonneville-bound masterpiece- the Bienville Legacy by Bienville Studios in January 2014′s Cycle News. About 90% done, The Legacy has to be one of the most innovative, interesting and finely crafted machines built in a long time. 


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National Corvette Museum Exhibit- Two Wheel Speed.

It was a huge honor for us to loan an MST prototype and V4 Baby Block prototype to the National Corvette Museum for their 1st motorycyle exhibit Two Wheel Speed. Here is a link to an article about the exhibit was a huge success. It is no secret that we are Corvette nuts here at Motus, so it was humbling to be in such good company among the cars and other interesting motorcycles. Big thanks to the incredible staff and leadership at the National Corvette Museum. If you haven’t been there yet, put it on the bucket list.




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Motus is hiring (superstars only).

Motus is expanding/hiring! Superstars with industry experience in powertrain, procurement, QC, assembly/tech, please send resume and other relevant information to or to 500 28th Street South, Birmingham, Alabama 35233


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Flame Red Metallic.

2014 Motus MST Flame Red Metallic

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Motus featured in Cycle World’s “On The Menu”.

Grab the February edition of Cycle World and check out Mark Hoyer’s article “Sport-Touring On The Menu” where he highlights the Motus MST in reviewing several sport-tourers on the lighter, smaller end of the spectrum. The MST tips in above the quoted 500 lbs, but not by much.

“…our ride on a prototype was promising, and the engine sound was amazing. Ready-to-ride weight is said to be 500 pounds, which, with the ponies on tap, means the Motus should go like hell.”- Mark Hoyer, Cycle World, 2/14


1387653907_cycle-world-february-2014-1 - Copy


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Happy New Year!

Motus New Year 2014

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What are you gonna do with your American V4?

MV4's ready to ship

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Motus on Silodrome.

If you are into cars, motorcycles, boats and other aspects of “gasoline culture”, you gotta frequent Silodrome. Click on these images or here for an article on Motus.

silodrome-logo-2012-2-resize-outlines2 2



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Motus In Motion.

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3rd Annual City Bike Night.

After the Barber Vintage Festival on Saturday, 10/12, head to City Bike Night at Motus. We’ll be celebrating car and motor culture with a bike/car show, local food and drinks, factory tours and live music by Matt Slocum & Mark Kimbrell Quartet. 6-10pm at Motus, FREE. Special thanks to: Mayor William A Bell, Sr. and the City of Birmingham, Alabev, Slice Pizza and Brew, Cantina Tortilla Grill. Enter in the following categories here (no charge to enter, meal tickets to entrants with RSVP):
Best of Show, Best American Classic (car & motorcycle)- ’83 and older, Best Import Classic (car & motorcycle)- ’83 and older, Best V4, Best rat bike, Best rat rod, Most exotic (car & motorcycle), Best small block powered vehicle

Motus Flyer-Letter-V4.3


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2014 MSTR specs.

2014 MSTR specs.

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2014 MST specs.

2014 Motus MST specs.




Spec-sheets_v6_low rez

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Lock and Lean.

At Öhlins’ Cirkus of Speed, we got to spend some time with Mr. Ben Wolfe of Lock and Lean Precision Motorcycle Riding. Beside being a real American hero and a ton of fun to hang with, Ben is a motorcycle cop by day and precision motorcycle riding competitor/instructor after hours. He guides PD’s and individuals on tactical riding and can make his 800 lb Harley do impossible things. We pity the bad guy who decides to evade or run from Ben. He also taught us some new ways to think about safety and low speed maneuvering.

Things got interesting when he comandeered the Motus MST and MSTR (he can be pretty persuasive). After a few quick turns, he was doing full lock to lock maneuvers in his cone course and demonstrated some max braking on his police bike (equipped with trick rear shocks he developed with Öhlins) vs the MST vs MSTR. Impressed, but not surprised that the MST (525 lbs./Brembo calipers/Braking radial master cylinders/OZ wheels/steel braided lines) stopped well short of the 800 lb PD bike, all of us were shocked at how much shorter he stopped when he switched to the MSTR (Brembo monoblocks/Brembo radial master cylinders/BST carbon wheels/steel braided lines). We selected and have refined the MST’s braking system after a lot of work with our partners/vendors, so we know it is very effective, but seeing comparitive back to back braking by a total stranger/expert was eye opening.


“I could catch the s*&t out of people on this.” -Ben Wolfe after riding a Motus MSTR.

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Öhlins USA Cirkus of Speed, 9/28/13

We were honored to be asked to display again at the 2nd Annual Öhlins USA Suspension Cirkus of Speed, September 28. Nobody makes better suspension components than Öhlins and we are proud to have such good friends as the team at Öhlins USA. Oh, and it didn’t take much to be convinced to roll to Western NC, surrounded by some of the best riding anywhere. Hope to see you there!

Ohlins USA Cirkus of Speed

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There are few stories of dedication, innovation and pure genius that inspire us like the story of  John Britten. The Battle of the Twins at Daytona in 1991 definitely ranks as one of the top motorsports events that we’d love to have witnessed. We’d hate to guess how many hours we’ve spent staring at and thinking about the V1000 in the Barber Motorsports Museum.

Here is the full length movie One Man’s Dream – The Britten Bike Story. Definitely worth watching for anybody fascinated by the incredible power of human determination, extraordinary talent, and near supernatural skill.

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Made in Alabama.

Made in Alabama Logo

From the great roads to the excellent business environment, from the world’s best BBQ to the year-round riding, from the wonderful and open-minded people to the fantastic local craft beer, from the Barber Motorsports Park to the clean lakes and outdoor activities dotting the map, from Governor Bentley’s office and the Alabama Department of Commerce and the Alabama SBDC to our friends at Mayor Bell’s office….we want to say- Thank You, Alabama! Most of us at Motus are Alabamians by choice, drawn to the very tail of the Appalachian Mountains by many of these things (did I mention the pretty girls, excellent universities, advanced healthcare, and booming automotive industry?!). We love this great state and this town. If you’ve never been to this part of the Deep South, this is your invitation.

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286 miles from the 5.5 gallon tank. Lake Ponchatrain, LA to Cottondale, AL without stopping….

The American V4 exceeds expectations again as the benchmark was 250 miles/tank. The test riders behaved (with a few exceptions) and stuck to the scheduled test: all interstate, all at/below the posted speed limit.

68mph/2900 rpm average. 92-94 deg. ambient.

At 70mph, the MST spins 3000rpm and has 100+ ft lbs on tap…..there aren’t many sportbikes that can do that AND be comfortable for 4+ hrs straight.

One tester commented- “Glad to know the interstate range now, but next time can I just kick in $3.69 and buy the extra gallon so I can get back a LOT quicker?”

8_29_range test

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Go Fast, Turn Left

I recently had a conversation, okay, argument with a friend about a certain wildly popular American V8 racing series. He kept on and on about circuit racing and how “just” turning left was boring and somehow less challenging than other forms of racing. OK, we loooove circuit and road racing and NASCAR and NHRA and F1 and LeMans…etc. But, after a quick airing of this video (with the appropriate commentary added…ahem), I think he’ll shelve the “going left is boring” argument….

Gotta meet this Henry Wiles fella.

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Last week, Speed Demon pushed their record for the world’s fastest piston engine car to 451.933 mph and set a new record for C/BFS at 437.183. That’s fast. The old record was 390.

There is just something so moving to us about the pursuit of ever increasing speeds. We race on our feet, we race on horses, we race soap box derby cars with our dad’s, we race motorcycles, jet cars, snow mobiles, snow boards, lawn mowers….it is a central theme of human nature (well, maybe not the lawnmowers).

Anyway, hats off to Ron Main and George Poteet. On the salt, there is little bluster, ego, or over commercialized drama. The measure of a man’s/or woman’s success is simply- how fast didya go?

Who will be the first girl or guy to be faster than anyone else ever on a Motus or a Baby Block powered vehicle….?

Speed Demon 2

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