Last week, Speed Demon pushed their record for the world’s fastest piston engine car to 451.933 mph and set a new record for C/BFS at 437.183. That’s fast. The old record was 390.

There is just something so moving to us about the pursuit of ever increasing speeds. We race on our feet, we race on horses, we race soap box derby cars with our dad’s, we race motorcycles, jet cars, snow mobiles, snow boards, lawn mowers….it is a central theme of human nature (well, maybe not the lawnmowers).

Anyway, hats off to Ron Main and George Poteet. On the salt, there is little bluster, ego, or over commercialized drama. The measure of a man’s/or woman’s success is simply- how fast didya go?

Who will be the first girl or guy to be faster than anyone else ever on a Motus or a Baby Block powered vehicle….?

Speed Demon 2

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  1. Well it won’t be too much of a problem for my team from what we learn drag racing your engine to taking a stab at going fast on the salt flats. Our engine guy has his dyno ready and our team has many aircraft guys on it if we go streamliner. No it won’t be me driving it. Too old and too heavy. But I will make sure whom ever is our driver will fit in it LOL. That has been a problem with past record holders. I am sure you’ve seen On Any Sunday and you can ask Chris Carr. LOL ! I’ll take that as a future challenge !

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