Motus, the American sport-touring motorcycle
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Countdown to Launch

The Motus is coming. It's been a long adventure from concepts to prototypes to production machines - but we are almost there. As we await final emissions certifications for America's newest line of motorcycles- the MST and MSTR- we've pulled down our old site and created this blog to let you see behind the scenes as we march toward production. In the coming weeks, we'll launch our new website and begin rolling motorcycles out to our dealers across the country.


Motus manufactures high-performance, American V4 sport-touring motorcycles that combine heart-racing performance with uncompromising comfort. Powered by the mighty MV4 and MV4-R Baby Block engines, the MST's are a reinvention of the traditional sport-tourer. Comfortable American sportbikes with accommodations for touring. Motus represents uncompromising attention to detail and a commitment to building machines that offer motorcyclists the best possible riding experience.



January 26th, 2014 @ 11:01AM

Sneak Peek of JT Nesbitt’s Bienville Legacy.

Check out Alan Cathcart’s first impressions of the supercharged, V4 Baby Block-powered, Bonneville-bound masterpiece- the Bienville Legacy by Bienville Studios in January 2014’s Cycle News. About 90% done, The Legacy has to be one of the most innovative, interesting and finely crafted machines built in a long time.