“Make mine Corvette Blue, please”

We work really hard here at Motus to ensure everything we build is the same without sacrificing character. Consistent, refined, small-batch quality. Uniformity.

But, every now and then a customer comes along and twists our throttle arm to make an exception to the rule.  And, as a designer, I sometimes refrain from putting certain blues so close to red.  Funny story, our current factory blue color is named “Super Blue” as a tribute to the Man of Steel himself.  It came out of another custom order and our first thought when we saw it was “red undies on blue tights”. Yes, I just referred to our valve covers as Superman’s undies.

This particular customer ordered his 2018 MSTR through Motus of Tampa Bay and requested the factory custom paint option in Corvette Admiral Blue. The result is simply stunning.

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And of course, red and blue work pretty well together here: