The 4,413-mile test ride home.

Revzilla’s Common Tread contributor Loren DeShon bought a Motus. He (and his bride) flew in from the Pacific Northwest before riding 4413 miles home, then taking it to the track, then writing a FANTASTIC 2-part story about his experience.

Motus operandi, part 1: The path to moto temptation

Motus operandi, part 2: The 4,413-mile test ride home

The Motus is its own unique package of sound and fury, sophistication and fundamentalism, refinement and simplicity. Quality? Absolutely. The welds aren’t robotic hi-tech sequences of binary programming perfection but, rather, hard metallic evidence of a highly skilled human hand. Critical fasteners have torque specs on their heads. Wire runs are semi-rigid cased and lay perfectly. Component clocking and reference marks abound. You can see that thought goes through and through it.- Loren DeShon, Common Tread

 Photo by Gavin Powers