Go Fast, Turn Left

I recently had a conversation, okay, argument with a friend about a certain wildly popular American V8 racing series. He kept on and on about circuit racing and how “just” turning left was boring and somehow less challenging than other forms of racing. OK, we loooove circuit and road racing and NASCAR and NHRA and F1 and LeMans…etc. But, after a quick airing of this video (with the appropriate commentary added…ahem), I think he’ll shelve the “going left is boring” argument….

Gotta meet this Henry Wiles fella.

One Reply to “Go Fast, Turn Left”

  1. Met Henry (Hammering Hank) Wiles at the Columbus OH mile when he was racing Aprilia flat trackers. He was fast then and a real nice guy to the fans!!! He even took time to chat while he was preparing for his heat. I’m told that he’s a terror on a MX bike too..

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