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  1. For some riders, they don’t want the fairing. The more naked sportbike look is what I like. Do you have such a configuration. I like your ideas on low end torque. For $20,000 less, you’re close to the Confederate hellcat. Any stripped down version of your very cool bike? Thanks Mike

  2. Thanks, Max, that is the MV4 powertrain weight listed under V4 Engine Specs. We are able to keep the weight that low as the engine is cast aluminum.

  3. Do the front fairings come off so the bikes can be ridden like the Daytona ride/video a few years back? That would be great!

  4. I have been waiting for a long legged high torque sport touring bike like this for years. It’s all there, but the drive shaft. The chain is this bike’s Achilles’ Heel and effectively removes touring from it’s capabilities.

  5. Hi Gary, thanks for the note, but we very respectfully disagree. Chain technology has come a long way in the last 5 years and an internally lubricated XW-ring chain is much, much different from the o-ring chains you might have experience with. The XW-ring chain on the MST is a whole new level of quality and durability which is why we offer it with a 20,000 mile warranty. Recently, our 530 xw-ring chain was run from max torque to max power in a sawtooth pattern for 20,000 miles. In that hellish test, the chain stretched 1/10 of one link, roughly the size of one rivet- over 20,000 miles! Couple that to our hybrid sprocket, which has an unlimited warranty and the MST final drive is extremely robust and low maintenance. As all MST’s come standard with centerstands, the maintenance/lubrication interval is around 2 minutes for every 15-20 hours of riding. For most performance oriented riders, that is an acceptable level of maintenance given the vast performance advantages vs. shaft-final drives.

  6. To bad this isent coming to sweden :/ I am looking for something to replace my moto Guzzi by next spring.

  7. Hi,
    Congratulations from France for this fabulous machine. I followed its development from the beginning. Seen from Europe, the machine seems very large and not suitable for our road networks. Anyway, I’d love to drive it.
    The total weight is a secret? 280 kg wet?
    I wish a long life for this 2 weels muscle car.

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