Ohio to Alaska and back.

Read below, friends. This is why we do what we do at Motus.

Bob H: Can the Motus handle a long road trip in remote conditions? Absolutely. Ohio to Alaska and back. I was stopped a lot by riders In Alaska who were not only aware of Motus but anxious to see one. I had one guy in Prince George, BC follow me to ask questions. I left with fresh rubber and the rear tire was shot after only 7000 miles. The chip sealed surface is really rough on tires and this is not just for Motus. I was able to get a Honda dealer on Great Falls, Montana to change out the rear. Great guys.

Fuel stops on the Alaska Highway and even more so on the Cassiar Highway are few and far between. The Motus has enough range to do it but frequently 87 octane was all you can get. The bike seemed to digest it well.

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